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here I'll recap all mods to my Urban Enduro, for easy access and updating :)

as soon as I collected the bike, I fit the Continental TKC80 Twinduro tyres, they have same sizes but lower "speed code" (Q max 100 mp/h) due to they are M+S tyres (mud and snow)

pics of the very first day

next was GPS cradle, power it and fix on handlebar clamp's bolt; it is a Garmin cradle for Zumo 590LM I'm using with my BMW Nav V (from my RT) so to switch the Navi by the two bikes:

Cradle is placed by this Ram Mount ball

and it looks like this (I than shifted to the backward bolt to have more bracket's range)

front fork:

placed covers from kriega

than bike was at Andreani's workshop to be equipped with first Andreani/Ohlins inner cartridge, the changed this:

with full adjustable one, in pic register's details and view from rider's spot

rear mirror changed with foldable ones from Touratech, mainly used on dirty roads, once folded they sould not take hits in case of side touchdowns

item available here

in place extended



from Racetech - model Gladiator Alu (aluminium frame)

items available here

needs his mounting kit (linked) available here

must remove crossbar to fit, here are on


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kriega saddle bags

I bought an US 20 and an US 5 from Kriega, and fixed on undersaddle frame..... unfortunately, on bumby roads, straps needs more firmly fixed spot, as you can see in picture, I was forced to place the bag very close to my spot, and it is unconfortable.... my wish is to place it backward as near as possible on the pax spot;

therefore, has Ogre, I have been looking for some fixed fast connection to be bolted on the frame, using the side bags bolts' holes

I found this "rescue handles" by Touratech, having small plates with m8 holes

item available here


single kriega hook, should be enough for US 5

here kriega strap passes through bolted plates even with touratech sling still on (I was in mind to cut it and save only the plates)

foldable levers on (ty Albie)

rear stand bobbins / sliders, from Shift Carbo Tech

item available here


next step should be the rear mono by Ohlins, and (maybe) an awesome exaust (brraabrbabrrbbababrraaaa)


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ok, here some pictures of the side bags on

here the right (small) one, is on, it looks we have enough clearance to fit an after market exhaust, except it is high mount.

side frames can easly be used to hook Kriega straps, there are several points to use:

the corners, with bag on, and straps will not shift


and forward

whether no side bags are on (?) kriega straps could be hooked here:

this is view of the bolt fixing the "frame" to its plug to bike, it is long enough to host some "spacer", so bolt's head could clamp some further straps as produced by Ogre (with nylon sling and welded ring)

for those rembering my solution using Touratech handles, here how to fit them (hole is M8 as the bolt)

sorry for focus

it can host one or two Kriega hooks

one more tip: make holes and put buttonholes to avoid hook will shift on sling

the dark side:

once frame are on, the clearance with rear fender is almost "zero"

it means that this holes cannot be used to fit a "rear rack" and the side bags at sametime

however these could work to fit a rear rack

t b c

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just received and fitted my adjustable 25 mm extended footpeg by mc motor parts.

I ordered the ones for Hypermotard SP 2014 and they safely arrived (very fast) just today.


well, they fit. this is the most important, but I had to use a washer between the frame holder and the footpeg mounting kit.

here some pictures

the space between the frame and the footpeg link

the space cleared by washer

the foot pegs are on

this is the part # on small box of the foot peg adapter, the part the will be fixed to the bike, so this works with a small (1 or 1,5 mm washer)

the fotpegs are well done, but all their edges are very smart.... I got cut (small) twice, just accidentally touching them, so be carefull both handling and everytime you go around the bike ;)

the extensions, as far as I understood, are removable, so in case it could not work fine, I could use the footpeg on original spot.
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