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Hello fellow ducatisti ,( or is that a trifle ambiguous) .
But at least we all share a common interest .

I have at last got my ICON working as should be( have done ).
I have now fitted a 44 tooth rear sprocket ( B&C Renthal ).
The original chain did not need changing or shortening ,I have become increasingly aware of the rear tyre wear ,and realise I shall need a new one before my Germany trip in AUGUST .
( I am on internet looking for a suitable replacement ,prices are coming up at £ 133.-£144 fitted .)
I loaded up the Scrambler ,as in full dress rehearsal ,panniers ,tail pack ,tank bag , and with NEW SPROCKET I set off ,filling up next at Castleford with some ULTRAMAX or similar .
Fully loaded I set off , do I go to Fridaythorpe or where ,the cloud formations set the route .
I went through Fairburn INGS ,taking a quick look at the multitude of swans ,geese , and other water birds .
By this time I had realised I had lifted the gearing to the CORRECT LEVEL ( for me ).
I meandered through Fairburn ,on through Monk Fryston , then toward Selby .
The straight to Ambleton is good for 70 + but better at 60 max ,there are too many hedges and hidden junctions .
The road opens up onto the Selby bypass , after negotiating several miles of long sweeping bends , 4 roundabouts , the river OUSE swing bridge , and several open dual carriageway straights ,I turned of for Holme on Spalding Moor.
By this time I was convinced the Scrambler was at its right place . VERY similar to my 2003 Monster 800ie ,not quite 900 SL territory ,but a LOT better than a stock Scrambler .
I eventualy arrived at HOWDEN ,where after a stop ( comfort )( old mans stuff ).
The cloud formations still looked menacing ,and a strong wind was now evident .
I thought FRIDAYTHOORPE iis about to get wet ,so it was south to GOOLE and the rediscovered road to GAINSBOROUGH.
20+ miles later of open sweeping YORKSHIRE corners I arrived at the GAINSBOROUGH /ROTHERHAM /BAWTRY roundabout .
I was in utter biking bliss ,with a grin factor showing off my new teeth ( including flies ha ha )
( I was also road testing my NEW open faced BELL Helmet ).
Due now to the late hour ( 1 hr out makes 1hr back philosophy ) .
I decided to head back home and my next town was the Market Town of BAWTRY, I parked near the Medieval town CROSS .
After disrobing ,I covered the fuel tank with my jacket ( to keep off the sun ) ,then started to take in the ambience of BAWTRY .
If blind folded I could have been somewhere in TUSCANY ,the air was seductively warm ,the aroma of burnt charcoal ,garlic ,prawns ,was heavy in the air.
the restaurants ,pubs ,boutiques ,surrounding theMarket square were all doing a lot of business .
I have NEVER seen so much opulence in one 100 metre area , there were RANGEROVERS ,MERCEDES ,BMWs, AUDI , and there were a lot ,there was even 2 Swiss Mercedes Estate cars ,and one ORANGE LAMBORGHINI .
I spent 1/2 watching trying to take it all in , ( UNTILL THE TRAFFIC WARDEN SHOWED UP ).
I do go on but we are just south of DONCASTER , where people are supposed to be destitute .

I arrived home after a motorway blast ( well A1 NORTH) and as ZEBADEE said .

rangerover ( oddly enough )
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