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Help me decide between monster 821 or scrambler

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Hi, cant make up my mind and have 2 deals to choose from!!
I ride casually, a little bit of everything, but mostly everyday stuff which include highways and city and just commuting...


p/s I ride today a 1988 suzuki dr600 that would be replaced by one of the aboves...
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seeing as you're asking on a Scrambler forum,,,,,,,, I'm gunna say the ,,,,821
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i'd would go with the scrambler

have a test ride in both and after that you will be able to decide
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It's been a while since I rode the Monster, but I recall it being a life-size hooligan roller skate. If you are that guy, get it!

If you're not, get the Scrambler
I've got 13000 kms on my icon but do mostly country roads and love my bike but when i do city riding the bike gets a bit hot for my liking
Go and demo ride both bikes and buy the one that rings your bell.

I've got 13000 kms on my icon but do mostly country roads and love my bike but when i do city riding the bike gets a bit hot for my liking
Would a Monster be different in regards to engine heat?
Would a Monster be different in regards to engine heat?
The 821 monster being water cooled should run cooler than the air cooled scrambler which I personally find puts out a lot to of heat, I've also had three water cooled monsters the last one did get extremely hot whilst on holiday in Italy two years ago so I suppose it depends on the conditions.
I think if I was looking at purchasing a new monster I'd wait for the new air cooled monster that should be arriving in showrooms, demo it along with the scrambler and 821 and then deside.
Love the scrambler, rode both but the scrambler still floats my boat.
Scrambler looks better, Monster 821 is better value for money. But, if value for money meant everything you wouldn't look for a Ducati, would you?
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I love the 821. Did about 500 miles on one around Cornwall. different league. Depends what your rides will consist of. Personally, I'm waiting for the 765 Street Triple....
Like the look and specs but not riding position of the 821. The Scrambler is just that much better for me even with original oem handlebars

Hey Bilbo, I happen to own a 2015 Monster 821 and a 2016 Scrambler Italia Independant, so I might be qualified to respond. Here are my observations:

Power: To no one's surprise the 821 has more pep, but the Scrambler is surprisingly competitive against it. When I ride head to head with my spouse, one on the 821 and the other on the Scrambler, they feel almost like equals in the power department, at least when thrashing around town at city speeds, from stop lights, etc. Regardless of what a comparison of the specs say the Scrambler feels like just as much a big boys bike as the 821 to me.

The 821 of course has different power options but I use the top 'sport' mode for all riding unless it's raining. You could totally still use the sport mode in the rain, but why not use the rain mode? The Scrambler's one power option feels good in pretty much all conditions.

Handling: The 821 is very good. The Scrambler is great. To put it another way I thought nothing could really get better than the 821 in the handling department until I got the Scrambler.

Issues: I love my 821, but it does have a few issues. Maybe 1/5th of the time it doesn't start the first time I try to turn over the engine. I let it sit for a couple of minutes and try again, and then it starts. It's never taken more than 2 try's, but it's still a little annoying. I've been told this is a problem with some duc's, and not exclusively the 821, so maybe this isn't something to sway your decision either way.

It's hard to stick the 821 into neutral when I'm at a stand still or going very slowly (e.g. Cruising to a red light). At speed it's no problem.

And here's the worst bit about the 821...the rear brake barely works. I won't go into all of the details but Ducati thinks it's a problem with the ABS unit being located inside the engine V, and they're trying to come up with a fix for me. In the mean time the rear brake needs to be bled every few weeks before it quickly becomes very mushy and then just non-existent. Appearantly this is a problem on some other Ducs as well, so like the start issue it might not be something to consider when making a decision between 2 Ducs.

On the other hand, my Scrambler has had exactly zero issues. That's just a sampling size of 1 Scrambler, but for whatever it's worth mine is game to go whenever I push the start button.

Cool factor: You decide. I love em both, and so does virtually everyone who sees them. The Monster is more iconically Ducati (though maybe in time the Scrambler will share that identity) and is, well, a Monster. There's nothing else quite like it on the road, and I admit to feeling super cool riding it. The Scrambler is pretty funky looking too though.

Value: Maybe the 821, at least from a spec sheet perspective. However, my particular Scrambler actually cost me fractionally more than my 821, and I have no regrets.

Which would I buy if I could only own one? Although I love em both, if I could only buy one I'd buy neither. Instead I'd buy the new Monster 797. It's pretty much a Scrambler made to look like a Monster and a great compromise between the two, if compromise is even a fair word to use. With that said, even with the 821 issues I've experienced I'd consider buying it again, and I'd definitely buy another Scrambler.

In response to ladybishop, I also have a 2014 Street Triple. Even if the new 765 doesn't improve on it much (and maybe it does), buy it! You will NOT be disappointed. I love all 3 bikes mentioned here. Truly you can't go wrong.

Hope that helps a bit.
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Great comparison Desmo!

Just a note on the rear brake. I have a 2011 Ducati Diavel and the rear brake is much like you described - goes mushy after a few weeks. On the Diavel, many people think it's related to the reservoir being located just above exhaust, thus affected by heat.

I've only had the Scrambler for a couple of weeks, but for my part I love the Diavel/Scrambler combination. For me, the Scrambler is a slow(er) bike that is great fun to ride fast!
(and the Diavel is the faster bike that is more fun to ride slow?) :adoration:
Kind of. The Diavel is a fast bike that is tricky to ride fast, i.e. it takes more effort (162hp and a 240mm rear tire). Therefore the Scrambler is more fun to ride fast, because it takes less effort.
Only you can decide?! Test ride both and then you will have a better idea of what's your preference! Obviously most people on here are Scrambler people, unless they have both :rolleyes:
Do not get a Ducati. The new 2017 Triumph Street Triple is amazing!
Do not get a Ducati. The new 2017 Triumph Street Triple is amazing!
How do you know? ...other than from speculative previews....
Do not get a Ducati. The new 2017 Triumph Street Triple is amazing!
I wish he'd take a hike

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