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Installed some Hepco & Becker goodies on my 2019 DS.

  • Upper and lower crash bars.
  • Rear rack with a Shad topcase.

The lower crash bars were a bit of a pain to install.
  • The instructions don’t indicate that you don’t need to install the included 20x13x10 alu spacers for the 350mm long main upper bolt that holds the engine to the chassis for 2019+ DS bikes. When I tried to install one or both spacers on either side, the bolt wouldn’t catch the threads on the shifter side bar and couldn’t be tightened. Also remember to use a jack to hold the engine when you remove the old bolt and install the new one to prevent the engine from dropping. Luckily, the instructions mention this.
  • The instructions also don’t indicate that the lower mounting point for the shifter side bar (step 5) is the rear bolt and not the front bolt. It just says “…the screw above.”
  • I had to remove the exhaust heat shielding since I couldn’t remove/install the upper main mounting bolt due to clearance issues with my tools.
  • Lastly, the plug on shifter side bar for step 6 is basically useless. It’s too small to fit without thickening the plug with a small piece of the plastic packaging.

Don’t forget to torque the bolts for the bars. I torqued the main upper bolt to 60Nm and the lower bolts to 43Nm.


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