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hi, am lemonhead , i guess vespa graduate

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hi all just wanna intro myself.. i am considering the scrambler for my very first real motorcycle.. i guess its time to move up.. i have friends on both sides of the motorcyle spectrum.. the harley crowd.. and my duc buddies with their race bikes..i really did not fit in both. well my daily is currently is a 07 vespa lx150.. i guess this where you end up.. i plan to purchase a slightly used scrambler in the near future.. for now i guess.. i am just hanging around to learn from you guys..

I am a Porsche Techincal advisor .. in the real world

take care
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Welcome and enjoy :)
Hi Lemon, A very warm welcome to the forum, good to have you along :)

Having whatever bike you fancy allows you to fit in anywhere, two wheels are two wheels, I hate this looking down on a motorcyclist because he doesn't own a particular model of bike, (rant over sorry)

I think you should be able to find a used scrambler, maybe an ex dealer demo model would suit you best, Whatever model you choose, you'll most certainly fit in with us, :thumbsup:
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Welcome Lemon some of the most fun I have is on my Honda GROM and it is only a 125 but the Scrambler is like a big GROM anyway I love Vespas I used to have an Aprilia scooter it was awesome too
Hi lemonhead,

Several of us are hanging out to learn, so you'll fit right in. Welcome aboard, and add your location to your profile so we'll know where you are.

Welcome to the site, the Scrambler is a FUN bike - a little bit of everything in moderation :D. It's small, light, manoeuvrable, isn't lacking in speed and looks good - there are an awful lot of us on here with smiles on our faces ;)
I put about 5k miles on my wife's LX150 and rode it across the state a couple of times. I really liked it. The Scrambler is in a whole different realm in terms of handling, performance, and deadly speed :) But I think you'll like it anyway. I could ride her scooter for a longer amount of time without my butt hurting though, so just be aware.

Then again, I can clear twice the miles on the Scrambler because I'm able to break the speed limit pretty badly if I so choose. But I had her LX150 rolling at about 70mph down the pavement most of the time I was riding it to and from other cities. I always thought the Vespa was amazingly high quality for what it was and it was 100% reliable and had a bright headlight. I really liked it. She decided she wanted me to sell it so she could pay for grad school and it wasn't 'mine' so that's the only reason I got rid of it. I liked riding it to and from work because of the under seat storage and because it was so easy to ride around town and speed past all the other cars (which made them plenty angry.)

The Scrambler is also really easy to ride around but just has no storage on board, so it's a bit less useful to run errands on unless you get a messenger bag to carry with you. But what it lacks in storage it makes up for in performance ten fold. Performance you can use, which is what I like about it. You don't have to be a moto GP rider to feel confident and safe on the Scrambler when you're pulling crazy cornering and acceleration.

Unfortunately for you, you can pick up a barely used Vespa LX150 for about 2200 dollars on craigslist, which is about a 3rd of retail price, but I think you'll have no such luck with a Ducati Scrambler :)
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thanks for the warm welcome.. i am sure i gonna learn a lot.. i have already learned about the tires having an innertube..

They only have an inner tube if you're buying an urban enduro or a classic.
is it possible to get the wheels of the icon.. on a classic? or is that sacrilege?
You could buy a classic and probably sell the wheels for a bit of money to someone that has an Icon and wants to swap you. I like both wheel designs.
is it possible to get the wheels of the icon.. on a classic? or is that sacrilege?
You can do whatever turns you on, :) I bought an Icon and fitted the classic Mudguards (fenders) :rolleyes: I now have a Classic Icon/ FT/ Urban Enduro :D

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