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Hello Riders! I sure am hoping that one of you can help me, and that you've already gone through this misery. I have a 2017 Desert Sled.

I'm installing some auxiliary lights for me to see better at night, but especially for people to see me better at all times!! I am installing a Skene Dimmer (IQ-275), which seems like a great idea, to allow me to adjust for three different intensities of the Auxiliary lights when on low beam, and for full-out intensity on High Beam.

I thought finding the High Beam wire at the headlight connection would be easy, by seeing which wire gives me 12 volts when the high switch is turned on. Not so easy, and I am totally perplexed.

There are four leads to the headlight connector. The black definitely seems to be the ground, as I checked for continuity back to the battery. The white wire, and the yellow wire, both give 12 volts (when connected separately to the ground). I have to assume that one wire is for the Low Beam, and the other for the LED ring light.

Seeing this, I then thought the high beam would be the Yellow/Black wire, but it also gives 12 volts on Low Beam, and when the High Beam is turned on (with the blue icon displayed on the speedometer), there is a blip of the voltage, rising about 0.75 volts, but it isn't continuous and drops back down in a half-second. When re-attaching the headlight, the high beam stays on, as it should, and doesn't blip. Now, it isn't the Skene Dimmer causing the blips, because I hadn't even connected it when I was originally testing for the voltage of the wires.

I then thought that the bike had to be running, vs. just the switch being turned. Nope.

My Owner's Manual shows the headlight on the wiring diagram, but doesn't show the high/low switch (unless it is the "Left-Hand Switch" or Right-Hand Switch").

Maybe I need to wire the Skene Dimmer into the wiring harness that runs from the handlebar switch for the high/low, as opposed to the harness running to the headlight. I dunno, but I am sure out of ideas!

So, it's a long message, but it's a complex problem (at least to me!). Hope you all have a great riding season!

By the way, the Comfort Seat fits the Desert Sled. It's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than stock.
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