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I got a chance to catch up with Sylvian Berneron from Holographic Hammer to chat about the "Hero 01" bike. You all had many questions about the bike so I wanted to go straight to the source to get the answers for you all.

This was the first bike that HH has done for Ducati, and I don't think it will be the last from the looks of the result. They partnered with the best suppliers to help them complete their vision for the "Hero 01" bike and put together a scooter that has been getting a lot of attention in the press and at the Wheels and Waves show this last month on the Southeast coast of France.

And now, the Q&A session:

Who are you (personally) and where did you come from?
My name is Sylvian Berneron, and my brother, Florent, are the two pieces that make up the full service shop. I have been as automotive designer for years, and Holographic Hammer is where my designs get featured and are available for purchase as art prints.

Can you tell us a little bit about Holographic Hammer as a shop?
Our shop is tucked into the forest about 20 miles outside Paris. This bike is our first official build for Ducati, and the concept was left up to us based on my previous design work.

Did you guys modify a personal Scrambler, or did you build this for Ducati?
It was commissioned by Ducati.

Where did the inspiration for this bike come from?
We had a few rides on the Scrambler when we were still discussing the project. It handles really well and is very fun to ride. But for us a scrambler is a bike you want to live with daily-you'll scratch it, go through mud, dirt, and even fall over. When I was doing my research, I noticed that a lot of the original 1962 Scramblers ended up being cafe racers. The bike was so light that you could brake very late and turn quick.

After a week of ideas and sketches, we knew that we definitely wanted to go with a road-biased bike that was more performance oriented.

We would love to get a glimpse of it at this next year's Handbuilt Show here in ATX, so if you get the invite, be sure to let me know and I will buy the beers!

Now to the technical stuff:

Did you do anything to the engine?
The exhaust has been modified, and the engine got a new "more sporty" mapping.

Did you dyno the bike before and after? If so, what sort of power did it make to the tire?
The bike came stock from the factory so there was no point to put it on the dyno.

What make are the front forks? Can you give us the specs on that setup, like the trail/rake of the front end, length of the forks, and the width of the triple tree, etc.?
We used the front end from a HONDA RC51 SP2, we modified the upside-down Showa forks, the triple tress and the steering head on the frame to make it all fit. We had to use the lathe and the milling machine to get everything to work together.

It looks like you used the original rear shock, did you do any modifications to that shock? If it is an aftermarket setup, what did you use?
The rear shock is stock, we dismounted it, painted some elements with 2 different epoxy codes and remounted it. Settings of the shock were changed according to the new weight of the bike.

Can you do a breakdown of the "off-the-shelf" parts were used (if any) as compared to the custom fabricated parts?
Except the clip-ons and the blinkers, there are no plug and play parts on this build, all the rest even if it looks like some part from a catalog, as been modified to fit properly on the bike.

What wheel set is that and did you need to do any modifications to bolt them up a stock Scrambler?
This is a unique pair of Rotobox wheels. We are in contact with the factory in Slovenia, and as a partner on this project, we gave them our dimensions and they made a special pair for us. There is only this one set, and those wheels normally don’t mount on a Scrambler.

Are wheels/tires stock size? If not, what size are they now?
Stock > Rear 17’ - Front 18' / Now > Rear 180/60/17 / Front > 120/55/17

The rear wheel looks a larger diameter, and did you change the rear sprocket?
The rear sprocket is produced by Robotox as well, same size as stock.

Are you able to give us some large jpeg images (1200px by 1200px or larger) we can check out for up close analysis?
Larger Images are here: Holographic Hammer Full Size Images

Did you change footrests' location further rearward? Rearsets?
These are Rizoma rearsets from a Ducati monster. They require to make a complete new side stand to be mounted on.

Will you bring the subframe kit to market? (including seat, subframe, lighting, and other bits to help relocate parts)
No, the stock frame comes in one piece, so no kit can be produced as we would have to get each bike in the shop to cut the frame and weld the new one on. Cognito Moto supplied the rear frame loop that we used. This had an integrated LED tail light setup that lent itself to the clean look we were going for.

Best of all, with the bigger tires and more sports bike suspension? How does it feel?
We droped 20Kgs of the bike and re-mapped the engine so it feels a lot lighter and much quicker for sure, the brakes are incredible too. The bike now weighs 147 Kgs dry.

Are your making more of these, or other custom Scramblers?
This is the only model available and up for sale at 27.500 Euros.

When can we try it out? ;)
It is an official commission from Ducati so this bike is not meant to be tried, only the future lucky owner will have this pleasure.

I would like to again thank the guys at Holographic Hammer for taking the time to set down with me and answer our questions! It is greatly appreciated and we cannot wait to see the next custom bike that you have in the works.
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