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In hindsight, I should have posted this before the event...but I only found out about it a few days beforehand, and was prepping for a moto-camping trip into the Sierras. If I see you at a future event, I owe you a beer.

A quick synopsis of Hooligan Hoedown IV in Pozo, CA (boondocks outside of Santa Maria):

The crowd - 450+, Mostly 20 to 30 somethings on modern or vintage standards. There was also a good number of rat bikes and bobbers.

The venue - Historical old west saloon, mostly original from its stagecoach stop days in 1858. There is a large outdoor concert and camping area. Admission included camping, live music, and a pit BBQ dinner.

The bands - High-energy alt rock; a la Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, and Alabama Shakes.

The overall vibe was great, a fun crowd without being too rowdy. The beer was flowing, but none of the belligerent shenanigans that you see at cruiser or sportbike-centric events.

The event is put on by Iron & Resin. I rode down with a group led by an employee of the company, and he said they are planning to expand their event lineup. Info at ironandresin.com or your preferred social media platform.

Edit: I was pleasantly surprised by the number of members of the fairer sex in attendance :angel12:

Hope to see you at one!
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