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How easy is it to "cafe" a scrambler?

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Given little to no modification experience?

I want to sell my Honda CBR 1000 and get a fun naked bike, either the XSR or the Scrambler. So far, the scrambler cafe'd out looks way cooler - and the Sport Classic 1000 is what made me buy a motorcycle when I first saw the bike scene in Tron.

So Given that info, how easy would it be for me to make a scrambler more cafe-ish? And how reliable are these scramblers so far? I've been riding Japanese bikes since I started riding and that's about 6 years or so. I test rode the XSR900 and it's a lot of bike....haven't test rode the scrambler yet.:angel3:

edit : if i do get the scrambler, what's the best base model for the "cafe" modding?
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Looks great! How is the difference of the length between the FT bar and the Rizoma dragbar? Does anybody knows if they use for the italian indipendent also the Rizoma Dragbar?
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