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How many used scrambler Buyers ?

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They've not been around that long and most folk that have bought them are more than happy to continue the experience,,,
So, I was wondering how many have been offered for sale used, and, how many people have bought pre-owned Scramblers.

If so, what has been your experience buying and with your used Scrambler ?

I picked an Icon up with just over 3000 kilometers on it in perfect condition, pre-owned by an enthusiast that looked after the bike very well.
It was run in correctly, had a few of the basic mods already done plus a little more, and was ready to go.
For me, it was a far better deal than buying a new one from the dealer 800 Km away and having to go through the run in and first service drama so far from the dealer and no time to mess with that .
No real disappointments other than a couple of screws that where fitted with RED loktite that caused a little drama removing, broke the plastic nut holders they were screwed into,,, easy fix but annoying.

These machines are excellent value and a really nice little ride, I'm quite pleased with mine, better than expected for the price.

Let the discussion roll !
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Seen a few used in dealers looking in good condition. I was going to buy my dealers demo I did put the first 100 miles on it. I became impatient and boughtnnew
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