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How not to treat your forks.

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I know that the Scrambler is a dual purpose machine for some. However, not paying attention to keeping the fork legs clean and undamaged will end up costing a lot of money. The lower fork legs retail for about $600 each. Rocks, Sand and dirt can scratch and pit the slider area causing the seals to tear and leak. Even after they are sanded down the pitting may always seep and leak. This is common on dirt bikes that are not taken care of but the Scrambler is pricey to repair.
Here are a few before and after pics of a set of forks that came into the shop. I spent over a hour fine sanding the forks to being usable.
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Steel Metal
Pipe Auto part Steel Muffler Metal
Pipe Auto part Metal Automotive exterior Steel
Auto part Pipe Metal
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Resuilt of/ ducati using the cheapest fork tubes they could find or do we need to cover up.?My classic comes with lower protectors .Got to put ythe Andreani kit on should i put of those Fork booties as well .Mine is to be setup as desert sled so going to be lotsa dirt
Ok so what about fork gaiters as per my DR 650 like real dirt bike might be a good look ;-).Yeh had a look not sure how that would go ....Actually might try it dont like can always take off ;-)Call it preventative maintenance ;-)
MMM i think a good option is the urban enduro fork protectors,Can see how the sox might not help especially with red dust.Got to put andreani kit in anyway so will try and get some for then .Thats all dirt bikes have
Urban ones are bit different tho and cover nearly all exposed parts ,but point taken .Good little bikes those WR 250 even as an adv bike ,mates got one .
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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