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I spent hrs researching and asking questions on how to connect a H4 headlight to my Scrambler. I saw that Motodemic have a LED headlight that costs $1000, however I wasn't about to pay that. I got no clear idea of how to do it, so I threw a 6 pick n a cooler and got to work. Watch the Motodemic video first before doing anything.

I bought a Cyclops headlamp that cost around $150 and then a separate H4 connector. My idea was to cut the cable connected to the headlamp unit, attach the H4 and plug this in. I had the brackets as well as some indicator/turn lights, so was ready for the job.


To cut a long story short, I cut the cable, after taking the main headlight apart and testing what cable did what. I'm about to save you about 4 hrs of work here (hope I got it right):

Black - Negative
White - Full Beam Headlight
Yellow with Blue stripe = main light
Yellow = LED starter light


I then connected a H3 connector and as the new headlight had a H4 connector and the separate cable I would attached to the (Yellow and Blue) cable as this was the cable for the LED starter light. All in all it went well. There were some steps like stripping the wires, connecting and taping that I missed out, however it's not rocket science, just Italian Ducati Science. Any questions feel free to ask.
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