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How to disconnect fuel union from fuel pump

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Hi there,

I want to remove to the Tank in line to paint it new,
but i have troubles to disconnect the fuel unions from fuel pump.

The manaul says the following:

Product Auto part Water Automotive fuel system

Unfortunately this is not working as described. It is not possible to push A down.
Certainly I'm doing something wrong. Do you have any idea?
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I did this once because one of the plastic connectors had been broken by a main dealer and I had to try and get it back on.

I would recommend anyone avoid this if possible, the plastic collar on the connector is utter crap. Fragile and VERY difficult to get off. If you break one of the teeth inside the part labelled 'A' you have to order a whole new fuel cassette for £450+

When I watched a different dealer take the tank off, the plastic collar (A) has to be squeezed/pinched from the side at two specific points. This releases the locking teeth inside the collar and with a fair amount of force, the fuel line can be pulled out.

The problem being, if you don't squeeze in the right place and yank the fuel line out too forcefully, it breaks the connector and you are up shit creek.

Which is exactly what a useless mechanic did to my bike. Then shoved the fuel line back in and hoped I'd never notice... Luckly I didn't end up with petrol all over my legs like some, the fuel line just popped out when I had to go correct the pinched breather pipe, also caused by the clueless mechanic.

BE SUPER CAREFUL removing the fuel lines on this bike. The plastic connectors are utter garbage.
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