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How to remove throttle jerking and enhance your driving feeling

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Maybe this subject has been discussed in another thread, if so you can delete it...

If not, let's see how you can easily and cheaply modify your Scrambler to remove quite all throttle jerking and get a good feeling from the front wheel.

Our preferred bike handlebar is mounted on the upper tee via a vibration damping system. This system is a little too soft and the effect of this softness is that you react on the throttle specially on bumpy roads. We call this throttle jerking and many of you are worrying about this.

How do we proceed ?

Just unscrew the screw under the upper tee, that holds the bolt coming from the handlebar support. There's one on each side of the tee. Remove also the washer. Don't remove anything else.
Before mounting back the original washer and screw, put on the bolt 2 washers (on each side) with following dimensions : external diameter 33 mm, internal diameter 19 mm, thickness 3 mm.
Put back the original washer and the screw and tighten the bolt. You'll see that the handlebar mount will come in contact with the upper tee. Tighten the bolt as much as possible.

Now, the vibration damping is unactivated. Go and ride and enjoy a different bike : no more throttle jerking, more precision and more feeling coming from the front wheel, no vibrations in the handlebar !
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Apart from that, remove your throttle tube, thoroughly clean the inside, and the bars, and apply ample powdered grahite before you put it back.

This eliminates stiction on the tube which greatly improves throttle response.
That said, I grew up in Europe and read mostly British magazines. Yoke is the common word in the UK. The first time I heard about triple trees was on Advrider....
Although I personally like solid mounted bars and I could see myself doing this one day (I never have tingly hands, not even on a single cylinder), I don’t see how this could resolve a jerky throttle.

Use the rear brake more in tight turns, and keep the throttle a smidgeon open.
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Please don’t replace the pre 2017 throttle tube with a post 2017 one. That’s emasculating your Scrambler, serious.

The snappyness makes the Scrambler a fun ride!

I hated the stock tube on my DS, made it feel more gutless than my DR...
Top triple tree = top fork yoke.

The bolts referred to are the ones that hold the bar clamps down to the top yoke.
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^^ yep.

ValleyRally buy this, change the grip, be a happy, snappy Sled rider.
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Oh, and before you install it, thoroughly clean the bars and the tube, and use some powdered graphite as a lubricant for the tube.
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