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Ok tonight I drove myself 45 miles the wrong way home to get a peek at the Scrambler that landed in my local dealers in Ashford. On arrival it was said not to be ready being PDI'd but after some chat he said I will see what I could do. He said oh he must be out testing it so shouldn't be long. So a nice cuppa tea and natter later the bike returned and I was given the first sit in the garage on a red scrambler icon.

Oh relief it wasn't too small and feet planted on the floor with comfort and still sitting on the saddle. Feet up and knees in a comfy normal position and not under my elbows. The nightmare was over and the very fact I tried a seat on a Monster 821 earlier put that one to bed.
The Scrambler is for me and the dream lives on and booked a test ride but I have to wait for reasons personal to me but that's fine as I get 2 hours on Monday the 9th Feb with the GoPro ( which they are glad and hope to see the footage too ) all relaxed.

Its very light and very comfy feel position very similar to my Yamaha TT500 bike and the bars feel nice.

1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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