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A while ago I was going through my bookmarks/favorites and deleting ones that were no longer available or needed.

I came across this one:

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Yes, that's a full Zard exhaust for $152.40. I knew it had to be a mistake and would be corrected. I monitored that page for a couple, maybe three, weeks and the price didn't change.

So on May 6th, I placed the order. Card was charged, received an order confirmation, etc., etc..

No further communication for 5 weeks. Yesterday morning, Jun 9th, I get an email saying they are cancelling my order. I check and, sure enough, the price is now $2,014.95. I replied with some questions but have not yet received a reply.

I doubt that I'll receive a reply. I did point out to them that they have other Zard exhaust items for the Ducati Scrambler that are mispriced. The stainless snake weld headers with the black coating and the snake weld conical full exhaust for the Sixty2 look to be mispriced. I'm sure an order can be placed, but it will be eventually cancelled.

It was a long shot that didn't pan out.

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