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Bike as of today:

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
Motor vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Motorcycle accessories
Land vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire

I hope it is ok to link the "other" forum. I just dont feel like copy/paste all the posts and pictures of what horrible things I did to my bike over the last year again.


I wanted to write something more about the indicators, but I wrote most of it there already ;)

Since the initial costs and R&D got a lot bigger and I did not want to back off from the project I decided to make more than a few pieces to cover the costs and also to have some fun during winter with my dad who helped me to design them in CAD and to design the LED chip so it does not need to use resistor (atlhough our bikes do not care :p ). I had mine on my bike whole season and everything worked great.

I started to sell them on ebay lately :)

They are pretty easy to change instead of the OEM ones.
All you have to do is to losen the bolt that holds the indicator on your bike (front light in the front and fender/bracket at the back - depending on model)
Tthen just unscrew philips head screw on the OEM indicator black plastic holding the lense and pry the lens out from the plastic housing. You will see 2 wires (black and white) unplug those and take of the OEM indicator (wires go throught the stalk)

Bottom platform is the same dimensions as the OEM stalk, and the holes are the same too. (M6 for mounting and M8 for cables with a little tube to prevent the indicator to rotate)

If you ever get bored of them , just unplug the wires and put your OEM turn signal together ;)

I had a few buyers via Ebay
2x LED Turn Signal DUCATI SCRAMBLER | eBay
This is for a pair and you get everything you need to install those on your bike.

But for forum members, I thought of making special offer 60EUR/pair + 15EUR shiping.
And 130EUR including shiping for 2 pairs? :)


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No, it is custom made :)
Luckily my friend who customizes bikes had similar template and made me one from aluminum. Rear was a bit more tricky, biggest template he had was 160 wide, so it had to made from scratch..
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