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Icon to Full Throttle Handlebar Conversion

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Hi Everyone,
I have the Icon (year 2020) with the high-rise handlebars. Sat on a 2023 FT and really liked the bars. Has anyone done this conversion ? (I think both the Icon and FT bars are o/d 22mm ?)
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Ah. Yep. I'm pretty sure I got the 755.
Great thanks.
I did this mod on my 2015 Icon, but it required replacement bar mounts to fit the FT bars (mine came as a set with the bars as I recall). It made a small but significant difference in my experience. I don't know if this is the same for the 2020 Icon, but looking at Scrambler Ducati motorcycle # DUCATI - Online Genuine Spare Parts Catalog it seems as if the part numbers are different ... However, you specifically mention the 2023 FT and the info for this isn't on their website yet, but I think reviewers of the 2023 models all say the riding position is different to the earlier models and with so much changed with the new model I'd guess it's very unlikely to be a straight swap given it wasn't with the older models?
Did the same on my 2015 Classic (good mod).
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