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In MY humble opinion, fiberglass heat wrap is less effective in reducing excessive heat coming from the R side pipes/header of duc scrambler 800 or 1100 series bikes than if genuine, made in the USA , 'D.E.I. titanium' 2" wide heat wrap is used to wrap those pipes. No, you can't always 'keep moving', as there are traffic jams and things called 'long stop lights'. Yes, turning off your engine during such times can help but I personally am not comfortable doing that so I wrapped my pipes w the titanium heat wrap and have successfully reduced heat contacting my crotch/leg by 30-50%, which is a great improvement. All u anti-wrap peps out there best of luck when the outdoor temps rises above 80 degrees f. You never had this issue? Good for you,,,,,,,,,btw, don't buy it on amazon or ebay,,,,,in many cases, fake DEI wrap is being sold using fake pics taken off the D.E.I web site,,,,,,,,buyer beware,,,,,,if u want the real stuff at a discount off the MSRP, dei titanium is available in 2" x 50' rolls at some chain auto parts stores for $53-$59 per roll. Make sure the inner label say 'titanium exhaust heat wrap'. good luck,,,,,,,,,,,,if u r a DIY person, better watch the youtube instruction videos. Do NOT pre-soak titanium heat wrap. If u cannot do the job right, have it done by a professional. If your pipes are NOT wrapped properly, you likely won't achieve the intended results,,,,,,one more thing; if u buy the 'black' D.E.I. titanium wrap it will soon turn to a tan/silvery color. So if u must have black, you would have to brush or spay on special heat resistant black paint. No guarantee that black paint won't discolor over time or wear off. Never tried the black paint. Also, do NOT coat your wrap w silicone. With the titanium wrap, such coating might do some real damage. Use titanium heat wrap on steel pipes only. Conclusion; don't buy the black titanium version and pay extra, as that's just wasting money. With the titanium wrap, after it cures/smokes outdoors properly using 3 cycles of; 'idle engine 3-4 minutes/, then turn off engine 3-4 minutes; After smoking stops, ride the bike around for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour. After, I got no after smell whatsoever.


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