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Fab-u-lous Scrambler Ducati in M&S showroom, much nicer finish than the NEC pre production ones & light as a feather to swing from side to side. Ducati owners will marvel at the amount of steering lock to lock available, now if the winter would kindly do one! By the way, not sure how I managed to post 3 identical pics when I only wanted 1.
Had a look under the seat, the small Scrambler logo'd toolkit is attached to the underside of the seat. At the rear there is a tray big enough for an Abus granite disc lock as well as a phone and a few more tools maybe.
Attaching Rok straps or Kriega mounts will be possible with the front mounts around the mid subframe exiting near the end of the aluminiumum seat trim and the rear mounts around the grab handles. Spent 2 hours constantly sitting on it, walking around it and thinking what mod's to make. Demo bike to et a couple of hundred miles on it then its my turn for a test ride.
All in all, I love it!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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