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Hello everyone,
I recently picked up a 2015 Urban Enduro. Loving it so far but of course there's always room for improvement! One huge improvement I've made was with the rider footpegs. I've seen a few threads about replacements on this forum but wasn't thrilled with the price.

I found these on Ebay Cast Steel Front Foot Peg Footrest for Off Road Motorcycle CQR CRF BBR TTR | eBay for $24 shipped. I installed them yesterday and am very happy with them. The angle looks right - the pegs are flat to the ground - and they went on without modification, though they are a bit tight.

If you're a perfectionist these probably aren't for you. If you want them to pivot properly you'll need to grind them down a bit where they slide into the mount. I used the stock pivot pin with these new pegs, which are narrower than the hole on the pegs, so if you did grind down the pegs you'd probably have some play in the pegs, unless you drilled the mount hole larger. Finally, I can't seem to make either the stock or new springs work.

In spite of the shortcomings I'm quite happy with them as my feet no longer slip.

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