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Installed SeatConcepts Vintage Brown Seat

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I pondered seat option for a long time and finally decided to go with SeatConcepts.
I was looking to improve comfort and change the look at the same time and SeatConcepts "Vintage Brown" option for the scrambler had the look I was going for and I new that their foam replacements were very good.

It arrived today and although weather up here means I wont be riding for a couple months I just had to install is ASAP.

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There's a couple of wrinkles on top from shipping but they're slowly smoothing out. Nothing a day in the sun wont fix.
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Perfect! Thanks so much for the pictures; did Seat Concepts provide that plastic sheet, or was that your idea? Thanks again.

They supply the plastic sheet.
I looked on the site , but the picture they provide looks different, I like yours better than the one pictured on the site, how would I find the one you got?
Yes their website is a bit confusing and thin on info. They have only 2 scrambler seats pictured on their site. If you look at the picture for the vintage brown option it is the one I have but I emailed the company just to be sure.

They actually sent me the wrong one at first but it was quickly remedied.

I recommend you send an email with a copy of my picture and ask how best to order.
Good job, curious to hear how it works. Fellow ON (GTA) scrambler here. Maybe we will get lucky and have an early spring.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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