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I also posted this on Advrider, but here goes:

Ok guys,

I figured out the handguards. What you need is this:

- Cycra 7800-12 Series One handguard bars (without mounts: just the bars, deflectors and end bolts). => 60 bucks

- Acerbis X-strong universal mounting kit. => 40 bucks

- a set of shorty levers => 30 bucks

The Acerbis kit is perfect for the Sled's bars. This kit contains shims for different bar sizes and on the Sled I didn't need any shim. Looks sleek.

The hand guards themselves just need a little extra bend where the center mount is and then they line up nicely. And the right one clears the brake cylinder by close to an inch. Btw, the cross bar has to go. I hate these anyway, as it's in the exact same spot where I put my GPS.

I had these levers already when I installed the hand guards, and I'm not sure the handguards will clear the stock levers. Luckily these levers are filthy cheap.

That's it folks
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