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Intermot 2016 Scrambler by Marcus Walz

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More photos here:
Showstopper: Marcus Walz's Ducati Scrambler | Bike EXIF

So I guess he addressed the suspension...

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Jeez, a genuine MotoGP silencer...bet that's quiet !!
That's awesome! Wouldn't mind giving that a test ride around the track.
And the other side drool!


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He pretend 100 hp, i dont know where they are coming from?
That's a really awesome machine, but with all those mods a totally different bike altogether. And I'm trying to do the math thinking what the cost would be to transform the stock scrambler into something like this. Big bucks to do all that.
He pretend 100 hp, i dont know where they are coming from?
Says it put that power down on the dyno. Also mentions port and polish heads, pistons, and rods. Seems plausible. Especially since it doesn't say what they used for fuel.
I keep thinking that instead of upgrading to something with better performance in a year or so, I might actually keep hold of my scrambler and try something along these lines.
Build a more modern cafe racer style bike for fun at the weekends.

Doesn't look too difficult to start off but plenty of mods to go at, if I fancy something more complex.
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