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Issues when shifting gears

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hi guys

I am having this issue which I am not sure If I am going to explain correctly - I mean I was not really able to find the word that describes the noise I hear - ...

when going to 4th to 5th or 6th, happens mostly when going from 5th to 6th and also I am seeing when going to low gears I think it happens when going from 5th to 4th gear

the issue is I change gears using the shifter as usual then I hear a noise like coming from engine and what I have to do is to shift again to the gear I was intended to go

let's say I mean 5th gear and I shift to 6th gear but I get that noise like I am in 5.5 gear so I have to apply clutch again and shift again to have everything in order

it's like the gear try to shift but it stays engaging and i have to shift again to let it finally engage the gear I want my motorcycle to go

any idea?

thanks a lot
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New basically, let's hope it was a production failure (and not a construction one). Ducati been making these engines for over 25 years, you'd guess they are pretty solid...
Any news from the OP?
well the guy who sold me the bike asked why I was there so I told him.... and he told me to be sure when changing gears...apart of that the maintenance guy found the chain to be very very loose and also they told me the adjusted the clutch

they went out and rode the bike and found everything O, so I think might be something with me as well
My shifter nose is a little on the low side and I've not bothered to fix it. When accelerating I sometimes keep my toe under the shifter and fail to move my toe far enough down to let the shifter NOT THE GEARBOX reach its neutral position. When that happens, the next upshift results in something like what you describe.
Adjust it?
yeah not sure what they meant by that someone knows?
Adjust the shift lever position (up-down)?
Adjust the shift lever position (up-down)?
This is what I did - moved the lever down a bit, so it's much closer to me shoe's nose. I truly recommend it, as it really helps - it gives much bigger feedback from the gearbox, but only while upshifting. Most of the fake neutrals I caught between 5th and 6th gear and after this adjustment I catch them very rarely (I think I also used to way the gearbox works).
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