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Issues with fitment of bar end mirrors on Full Throttle

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Hi all,
I am having a lot of issues with these bar end mirrors where they become loose fairly easily, even after using proper tools to tighten them rather than manually using the hex key. However after a few easy twists, the mirror with the screw comes off but the other inner pieces get stuck inside the bar. They are supposed to fit 7/8" bar ends.

The last set of mirrors that I am trying to fit are:
BikeMaster DC Folding Bar End Mirrors

I thought I finally tighten them properly by gently using a drill but after hitting a pot hole on the road, one of the mirrors came off. It wasn't very ideal to ride blind on one side. Even if they feel tightly placed, I now have to worry about if they would get loose again while riding.

Is it because the product is "cheap"? I really doubt the bar itself has expanded in radius due to any major force that cause them to get loose, pretty sure I didn't push that hard.

Any suggestions or has anyone had similar issues with bar end mirror fitment?

Thank you for your help!

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The issue is the mirrors not the handlebars.
Looking at the link you supplied I cannot see clearly how the vertical piece that holds the mirror clamps to the horizontal piece that inserts into the bars but it looks like its two smooth surfaces that simply hold with friction which is never ever going to work. Personally if that is the case I would toss them or try to return them and get something that is better engineered.
If you do want to persist try putting something between the vertical and horizontal pieces that provides a surface for the vertical piece to get a grip of. That could be something like gaffer or duct tape or even glue. It may work I suspect to won't.
I just had another thought about this. Have you thought about mounting the mirrors below the bars rather than above? If the grip is not that good the below the bars position should work more reilably as you won't have the weight and pendulum affect. Just check the clearances for your legs on both sides at full lock.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts