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Nice editing. I could do without the music, but not my video. And just so you know, lane splitting is illegal in Florida. State-by-state motorcycle laws
Chapter 316 Section 209 - 2012 Florida Statutes - The Florida Senate

Let us know more about the bike. I'd like to know about how the bike rides with the drag bars and bar end mirrors as compared to the Full Throttle or Icon.
True and knew that, but my safety and comfort comes before the law with the mind boggling number of idiots down here.

For me, comparing to what I was riding, having this extra power has been eye opening. When I test rode the urban enduro, I did notice the "touchy throttle" thing people talk about. Expecting much of the same, I pre-ordered the 'booster plug', rode 100 miles prior to installing. During that distance, either I got used to the throttle very quickly, or the throttle response is different on the Italia. I installed it anyway at the 100 mile point and have ridden 400 miles with it. Truthfully, I'll need to remove it to get a sense of it doing anything, because I can't tell.

That aside, the bike is very responsive, not only with the power given, but also in its maneuverability. The down side (for me) is anything over 70mph gets a bit uncomfortable as it's easy to get blown around and there seems to be an associated wind sheer from the shoulders on up. Some claim it might be the mini cowling around the light, but I have no other scramb to compare it to. I'm not a high speed rider by any stretch, I'm most comfortable between 45-60 mph, besides, if I'm going too fast, people won't see how k00l I look.

I tried reversing the mirrors so they are below, as in the original pics, but with the jacket I wear, it gets in the way and I have to move my head way too much to see anything. I am looking into different mirrors that I saw on another bike that was modded, which puts them slight farther forward and slightly lower.

There is a popping sound from the exhaust when downshifting, slowing down, don't know if that's normal and I haven't decided whether I like hearing it or not. I've just accepted it for the time being.

I do think the rear shock may be a bit on the hard side, as I have read on other scramblers, as some bumps on the high are easily felt. This may be a bad shock choice as others have eluded to.

I love the bike, it turns heads, I get plenty of thumbs up and compliments and even had a small gathering of Harley heads say how much they liked it.
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