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There are just 1077 units of the Italia Independent on sale, but we wanted to make sure that they had a place to congregate as well.

This section is for all things Scrambler: Italia Independent.
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Finally... I will be one of the luckey 23 units to be delivered in Spain.
Post pics when it u get it! Seems most pics are artsy model style
Wanna see the real deal
No problem!
Any news when the bikes will be delivered?
Im going to call the dealership tuesday to see if they have any firm shipping or expected delivery dates. All he said last time was may 1st. But i think it his rough guess. Ill try an nail down some more specifics. I bought a rebel jus to soothe my moto urge lol. But im getting over its 250cc of fury lol
And? Any news fron your side? This weekend I go to the Motor fair in Barcelona. I hope the have some info at the booth of Ducati.
hello everyone I am Pierpaolo and I write from ' Italy , also i will like you 've bought a Ducati scrambler italian independent and want to bring you aware of one thing . On the social network Facebook I created a group dedicated exclusively to holders of Italian Independent I would be really happy to have you with me in the group I leave you the link of the page.
Hi, I can not enter. Just let me know the name and I will find it.
Ok.. So my dealer said originally may 1st.
Today he said he talked to the ducati rep and said he expected a mid may ship date. Which means after customs and such lookin around May 30th possibly. So 1) its not even on the bost yet lol. 2) its all pre orders! 3) from what i gathered from other research ducati is incredibly backed up with orders on jist the scrambler so much .... That they stopped some other bike assembly lines jus to produce and play catch up with the scrambler demand haha.
As soon as i know more i will post it!
I just understood that the first will arrive in Barcelona in a few days. Meaning mine will be short after that. Yeahhhh
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Ducati Scrambler Italian Independent
I did copy paste but in Facebook it is not pumping up.....
It's 'Italia' Independent not 'Italian'

Italia Independent
Ups, then I bought the wrong bike ;-)
I just come back from the Motoh Exhibition in Barcelona. The big news.... In two weeks time I have my bike.... Counting down has started. Yes
Picked up the locks and have now also the helmets. Just missing the most important part...... But the clock is counting down. Next week the bike will be arriving.
Ok guys...you picked up your II...where are the pictures and what are your numbers???
No. 103
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Great shot.
Love the bags. What kind are they?
I am not sure what modifications I would make.
These are the legend gear. Easy install and great quality.
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I was actually 6 out of 6 people, when I emailed him questioning the whereabouts, he had me call him back. Said he would give me the first one before anyone else. The store also doles out a $1000 store credit. heading there first thing in the morning.....AND it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
Enjoy, she is amazing I can tell...
That wasn't a Ducati thing, strictly that store....
I needed to put also 1.000 euro as a prepayment.
With the mirrors in the down position, Are the mirrors functional or do you think they would serve you better up?
I keep them down. It is just getting used to the position.
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I reinstalled the mirrors down last night and rode today for bit. It is awkward and a bit unnatural. I'll try it for the week to see if it's something I can get used to. The issue for me isn't my arm blocking my view, it's actually my jacket as the sleeve/cuff hangs down and gets in the way. so i have to shift my arm or readjust my head to see the mirror, then the perspective of looking at what's in the mirror throws me off.
I think it is just getting used to it. Depends also on your length and position on the bike. I am 1.84 meter and have no issues with it.
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