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There are just 1077 units of the Italia Independent on sale, but we wanted to make sure that they had a place to congregate as well.

This section is for all things Scrambler: Italia Independent.
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hello everyone I am Pierpaolo and I write from ' Italy , also i will like you 've bought a Ducati scrambler italian independent and want to bring you aware of one thing . On the social network Facebook I created a group dedicated exclusively to holders of Italian Independent I would be really happy to have you with me in the group I leave you the link of the page.
Hi, I can not enter. Just let me know the name and I will find it.
Ducati Scrambler Italian Independent
I cant find it ... Nothin came up on the search in facebook
And Dutch im jealous !!! Lol
if you give me your Facebook details will I add

Pisacane Pierpaolo
1 - 4 of 141 Posts
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