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It's arrived :) now for the extras!

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Just got the heads up that mines arrived at the dealers in Sheffield (UK). Decided after seeing the MCN review to order the Race Slip-on.

Also the leather seat as the standard one is being tailored for the wife :)

Was going to fit the Termi myself but the dealer has said it needs them to load the up-map and set it up. Shame as I like to tinker!

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You guys are making me green
Think I will go pick my new jacket up from SMC today and have another look at my yellow icon!
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I had put my name to the demo at SMC when back in December. I asked if I could put the first miles on it which I did week before last when it arrived. So yes mines arrived but won't be mine for 6 months which suits me. Originally was 3 months but Ducati are imposing 6 months on the demo
Is it a brown one a lite lke the old belstaffs? If so it does look very classy
Mr Timns has kindly offered to drive me to SMC , I have done a night shift. Bought a halvarson jacket, I have their GI pants which ard really good. I have a Rukka jacket. very warm but a bit too big in places.

Admin please could we have a product review section
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Picked up a pillion
Any one recognise this guy?
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No not Lord Lucan.
Why are you ploughing a field ha
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Is that actually ur yellow icon?

It sounds Bella I gotta have that termi now!!
Shoukdnt have pressed play:confused:
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Have you ridden it yet?
What did you think?
Have you taken delivery of yours yet?
El Toro no problem, I can collect it for you gently run it in. Then get the first service done all at a bargain price!
Then when you return to Blighty you can pin the throttle back!
Molto costoso!
I need 3 jobs
More saving
Derek I am sorry you are having to wait so long for your full throttle still you have that beautiful red multi to ride while you wait !
Same here really Derek, just come home from spirited ride in multistroodles who is now filthy!! No time to clean him!
Next door came in for drinks last night I think I over did it, my head is banging!!!
I'll wait until the end of the 1st week in May, if it's not here by then it will be cancelled..
Hui hang in there it will be worth the wait!
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