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This jacket was featured on the Ducati Icon page. Where can you buy it? View attachment 50421
I had the same question about a Scrambler-branded jacket that I determined was actually manufactured by Spidi. Looked great, but I couldn't figure out how to buy it -- no matter how I searched on ducati.com or store.ducatiusa.com or spidi.com. I think I even called a couple of US outlets, to no avail.

Finally found the jacket as a discontinued item on eBay about a year and a half later. There were one or two listings from Europe, and one motorcycle gear company in Pennsylvania that just happened to have one jacket, that just happened to be in my size.

So that would be my recommendation if you really like something on Ducati's website: Try to find out everything about it --- brand name, model name, model number(s), etc., then periodically search eBay using that info, and maybe you'll get lucky like I did.

Kind of a ridiculous way for a company to sell things! Good luck...
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