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Just For The Heck Of It

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I had received one of those laser temperature guns today so I thought it would be fun to check some temperatures after a fairly good ride in pretty warm 95F/35C weather today so here's what I got after a 70 mile ride at speeds from 30MPH to 80MPH with combined country back roads and in town driving.

After getting home and stopping in the garage I had some fun. Here we go:

Front cylinder fins: 290F/143C
Rear cylinder fins: 314F/156C
Front exhaust header: 217F/102C
Rear exhaust header: 175F/79C
Rear Tire: 124F/51C
Front Tire: 115F/46C
Right side cover taken at the oil inspection window: 242F/116C
Left side cover 245F/118C
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And your core body temp?
No surprise those heads get to cooking temperature, whenever I'm in stop-and-go around my area (Fresno, CA), it's like my legs are baking!! :D
And your core body temp?
I can tell you although what a certain area of our cat's anatomy was since that was the first thing I checked after receiving the temp gauge :) my Wife had fits of laughter when I told her.
I prefer not to know how hot the engine gets Dave, less worrying that way, :rolleyes:

Same when I have to go the Docs, he always wants to check my blood pressure, :( I tell him I checked it this morning, and all was fine :rolleyes: :D
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