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Just have to say

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I LOVE MY SCRAMBLER!!!.....That is all, have a good weekend everyone.
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Me too ! :) I'm making for the Welsh coast today, Maybe Barmouth, :D
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I'm off out on mine too, not sure where though as it's start of Bank hols / half term, will prob head to Wales but keeping off the A5!
I am at my girlfriends... . Can not drive the bike this weekend :(:confused:
Chris, you're OK
You other three have no heart, I'm away for another two weeks.
Where you at Hui if I may ask? :)
The arse hole of the planet. (one of) Kazakhstan. No offense.
Can not be the arse of the planet because you got WIFI... :rolleyes: o_O

Military guy?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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