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Hey everyone. New scrambler owner here and have run into a gas leak issue over the past month or so. Seems like the tank has been under pressure after a short ride once it's heated up. I've been having to open the gas cap after a ride just to relieve the pressure and even then I've noticed a small "pssssss" coming from underneath the tank with some gas leaking. If I forget to open the gas cap, I've come back to a small puddle of gas underneath the bike.

At first, it looked as if the pressure had caused a crack in the tank, but after removing the tank and looking underneath, there are several spots where the paint has been worn off or cracked near bends/kinks in the tank design.

Curious what to do next... pressure test to see if there's a leak in the tank? Replace the breather hose where the apparent kink has been? Let me know what y'all think. Thanks in advance!
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