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Kph to Mph

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Whilst changing clock to BST I've somehow changed odometer to kph and I cant get it back to mph - any suggestions greatly appreciated
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Go to page 83 of your owner's manual : "setting the units of measurements"
- power ignition = on
- enter in the configuration menu : press button 2 (bottom) during 2 seconds (page 61 with a mistake on button's number...)
- select "Units" with button 1 (top) or 2 (bottom)
- click on button 4 (turnsignal) when "Units" is selected
- with button 1 or 2, select the parameter you want to set up, eg. speed
- use button 4 to exit and go back to the menu
Thanks but Ive tried that to no avail it just goes back to kph

Did you try, in the next step, when you choose the parameter, to choose something like "default units" ?
Hi there
Yes I did - tried it with engine running and without - I've been through it about 20 times I think I must be missing something basic.
If I can't change it I will consider moving to France !!
When you've selected the "speed" parameter, click on button 4 to enter in the setting function.
The speed unit is then displayed.
Using button 1 or 2, you can change it.
When you've chosen the right unit, click on button 4 to save the choice, then the "speed" indication is displayed again.
Click on button 2 until "exit" blinks, then click on button 4 to exit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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