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latency/lag/delayed response

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Does anyone get a a delayed power delivery on opening the throttle in the higher gears? 4/5/6?

The pickup is tight on 1 and 2 but I've been noticing a lag from opening throttle to power delivery. Not much maybe 1/2 to 1 sec before the power gets on.

I might have just noticed it as haven't been on the bike for a week and now its starting to bug me.
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Seems like you are not in the "powerband".

You need to downshift...
it's definitely not down to that ;0)

Not sure I could rag it harder.

Was thinking maybe I'd damaged the response somehow.
Not something I've noticed, no mattter what gear or engine speed?
Not something I've noticed, no mattter what gear or engine speed?
So you get immediate pickup any gear?
I have no issues either. The bike is crisp in all gears.
No issues for me either, I had a failed ECU on my M696 which was replaced under warranty, made the bike ride horribly though not laggy, maybe is this?
I get instant reaction from the throttle. All the time. Any gear. Obviously the rate of acceleration will depend on speed and gear.
I get a minor (but noticeable) amount of lag somewhere around 7k rpm. Low in the range, I have no problems. Say I'm cruising at about 4-5K and I roll hard on the throttle. It is very smooth up to about 7-7500 then I get a split second "lag". Almost like a shorter (quicker) version of an automatic car trying to find a gear when you floor it. Doesn't matter what gear I'm in. It happens very quickly, but it is enough to make my body lurch forward if only briefly before I'm sliding back again. This is well before the limiter and there is quite a bit of rpm left before getting there. If I remember correctly, max hp is produced at 8250 rpm. Since I'm not racing the bike, it hasn't bothered me enough to get it checked out. My dealer is almost an hour away and I don't want to miss the rest of the summer waiting on a seemingly minor fueling issue. Know what I mean?
So found out why there was a lag in the throttle response...

The bike on the way to work this morning gave up the ghost. Throttle works fine, can hear the engine revving to the appropriate throttle response. Zero power to the drive train.

The bike coasted to a halt :(

Ducati who have now checked the bike over, say there was zero free play in the clutch and it had burn out. The bike was effectively driving as though the clutch was in.

Warranty claim submitted, just hope the engine isn't affected as when the changed the oil filter as 650, they hadn't tightened it up properly and it had worked itself lose, spewed oil, and emptied itself over the course of a couple of days.

How did you not notice the clutch slipping? Or the what must've been a huge amount of oil under the bike and all over the rear tyre?
the oil didn't go out on the first day, only on the third day did it fully go and that's when it went into the garage.

The clutch i think was adjusted at 650. I thought it was an engine remap, so I checked on here to see and it was mentioned i wasnt in the power band.

Over the following course of 4 months the change was just too gradual to notice. It's like your kids growing up, you don't notice them getting taller...
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