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Left rear turn signal - Out Again

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Had my F/T since beginning of June this year...2 weeks from delivery, Left rear turn signal burns out. Dealer happily replaces it, no problem. Riding home tonight, LEO pulls me over to tell me my left rear turn signal is out. Luckily no ticket issued, but not sure why this blinker is out again. Anyone else have problems with these bulbs?

I'm sure dealer will replace it no charge, but it is more of inconveinence than anything.

If this is a common issue, I may swap out these signals for some LED's.
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Not heard of any problems, if it happens again, just check to see if you have a trapped or bare wire under the seat area,
Mine blew a bulb fairly early on - definitely before the 600 mile service. I just replaced the bulb myself. It doesn't seem to have done it since - I'm at about 2400 miles now.
Sounds like earthing somewhere like Elvisto says
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