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Length of engine bolt

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Can anyone tellme the length of the long engine bolt that is replaced by the Evotech crash bungs please? Curious if it will fit in my Kriega US10 as the crash bungs will get fitted before I pick bike up Wednesday.
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I have a question. The Evotech instructions say to slide the entire assembly from the right hand side and push the original engine spindle out. Should the bike be on a rear stand or is it ok to be on the side stand? Does the bike have to be vertical?

I am also expecting a new clutch to be installed. Should I wait for the new clutch before installing the crash bobbin or do it now?

I did it with the bike on the side stand. Tapped the Evotech assembly in using a rubber mallet. It pushed the engine spindle out without much effort.
Also did it on kick stand...didn't even need a mallet...pushed it out with hands.
Ok installed. Had to tap it in with a rubber mallet. Not sure I like the look but it's east to install and hopefully safer if needed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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