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Lightly used Classic seat cover give-away

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Anybody interested? I have reshaped my seat and placed a new cover over it.

PM me for address. You'll need to send a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope large enough to hold the cover.

12x15.5" manila will work.

First to respond gets the goods.

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You in the UK? I'd be delighted to take this if available please!
That was fast!

No more PMs, please. We have found a new home.
Bum.. I was too slow!! But thanks nevertheless, it's good to see folks sharing stuff in the community.
Not so fast! We are still homeless at this point.

I'm waiting to hear back from Fire3500, as he was first to respond.

Xtyling, you are next if he passes.

I'll let you know...

Heh heh, thanks Cliff. I fully intend to accept the offer. Just working out the logistics of US > UK postage but there's no show-stopper that I can foresee. Just to work out the easiest way of facilitating this.

Xtyling, that's exactly the great thing about this community, helping others along. Great attitude, I'm humbled!

Thanks folks.
You are welcome!

Let me know when you have it sorted.

This give-away went well.

It's got me thinking...

I have a few other things just laying about, gathering dust that could use a new home, too...

The wife, the kids, their pets.

PM me for more details.
Can you send me a pic of your wife please c t, ? thanks :D
Sorry, Elvisto,

It's a package deal-

You want one, you get them all!

This thread has been a great way to start my day; way to go Cliff, and thanks!

Sorry ct, couldn't handle them all, :) but good luck in your quest :rolleyes:
Come on, Elvisto, help a brother out.

This is a give-away....As in FREE.

Actually, you'd be taking over payments, but still...

Hi Cliff, shot you a PM. If you get a mo' could you take a look?

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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