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2020 Ducati 1100 Pro Scrambler
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Hey folks
A big thanks to everyone for their insights and posts over the past many months. I bought a 21 Desert Sled on a great deal earlier this year, after having not been back on a bike for nearly 10 years, after a nasty accident on my previous Harley.

I'm totally in love with this bike, and have regained my confidence being on two wheels. The amount of backcountry roads and trails here in Colorado are amazing, and until this recent blast of cold, I was enjoying exploring terrain I couldn't access before with a bigger vehicle. Somehow I already racked up 6k miles on the thing.

I've done a bunch of customization on the Sled, including a Hepco & Becker Rear Rack, Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse Engine Guard Protector, rectifier, oil cooler and brake guards, a new seat concepts seat, barkbusters handguards, some side panels, to replace the cheap plastic ones that came on it and to provide a mounting point for bungie cords, new footpegs, Termignoni exhaust (super loud) new tool roll for under the seat, bigger kickstand foot, and a couple of fuel bottles to get me back to a fuel station when I've gone a bit too far off track.

Some things I've learned:
1. Don't leave your cell phone charger mount on overnight, as it will kill your battery.
2. Playing around with the position of the shifter has been a big improvement on shifting reliability in big boots
3. A bigger windscreen is nice, but not my style
4. Love the ability to turn off ABS when driving off road
5. A bigger kickstand foot is critical on loose gravel and sand while on the trails
6. When the fuel gauge is showing empty, it's relative to how you're riding. I've often gained another 10 miles on an "empty" tank by riding conservatively. But when it does finally run out of gas, you'll know it. Complete fall off of power is quick.
7. Playing with tire pressure makes a big improvement between on-road and off-road driving.
8. Don't use exhaust wrap on your Ducati. It may look cool, but it overheats the engine and you'll get yelled at by your mechanic.
9. This thing turns heads. I get so many people commenting on it, and pointing it out as i'm driving around. Takes some getting used to after being on a Harley that no one notices.
10. This could also have something to do with the pipes. Termignoni makes some loud ass pipes. I found the OEM pipes to be really quiet, and it was hard to hear the engine with a full face helmet. The louder pipes have helped me to better hear and be in tune with the engine through shifts, while also bringing more awareness that i'm nearby other drivers. (We have some interesting drivers out here in CO)

Happy to answer any questions you might have, and if folks have suggestions on the best way to sell my OEM exhaust, seat, windscreen, and other random parts that came off the bike, I'm open to guidance.

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Where did you find the kickstand?
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