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Low level exhausts with more clearance than Termi Shotguns

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I'm starting to grind away the standard Termi Shotgun exhausts when cornering, I assume that the shotgun style gives more ground clearance than the Termi race slip on?

I'm yet to see a high level exhaust that I like on the Scrambler, so am looking to replace the Shotgun Termi with an aftermarket system that will offer better ground clearance and allow for more lean angle.

High on my list (well at the top really) is the SC Projects C-RT system. The can looks to be a lot higher than standard and should give me what I'm looking for.

Question is..... Other than the C-RT, what else is there available that sounds as nice?


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I have FT shotguns on my Classic and they never touched the ground while riding, although it seems I have been as far as you on the angle (regarding your tyre wear zone). I'm weighting 85 kg and my bike has got a rear Ohlins shock and a modified front fork, so it may be higher than usual.

You should consider adding some more constraint on your rear shock, this will raise the bike a little bit.

You may also consider leaning your body more on the bike, in corners. I know some pilots prefer to keep their body vertical, for better road sight and lean deeper the bike. Their bikes oftenly touch more the road than bikes where pilot lean outside the bike in corner.

You can see a flat zone on the tyre side, you can lean farther than that and use this zone. Just imagine what would happen to your exhaust, in such a case.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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