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Low level exhausts with more clearance than Termi Shotguns

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I'm starting to grind away the standard Termi Shotgun exhausts when cornering, I assume that the shotgun style gives more ground clearance than the Termi race slip on?

I'm yet to see a high level exhaust that I like on the Scrambler, so am looking to replace the Shotgun Termi with an aftermarket system that will offer better ground clearance and allow for more lean angle.

High on my list (well at the top really) is the SC Projects C-RT system. The can looks to be a lot higher than standard and should give me what I'm looking for.

Question is..... Other than the C-RT, what else is there available that sounds as nice?


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I'm rocking the Termi race slip on (2nd one now) and am loving the clearance on the right side. With no cat to drag, I find the next lowest bit to hit pavement, after boot/peg is the pipe itself just behind where the two pipes join (see attached). Thankfully, it's only happened once! With the way the heads are shaped on the high Termi it might still be a point of contact on the right if you plan on getting low. For what little that's worth.


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