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Hello there!

I start this topic to share each other options for travelling.

Im plan to travel with my wife for 4-5 days and i am looking for sollution to store some basic clothes.
Before 1100 i had an 800 FTP with a dm telai rack combined with a shad backrest modiffied a little bit at a blacksmith, just to create the bridge between the two components. (in attach my previous bike and my actusl one together with a melancholic i think :) ). This was made for aestethic purpose and the safety for the wife but not for the luggage.

Unfortunately for 1100, only Hepco&Becker and Ducati build the back rack for a top case, the first one being more affordable. With the rear from Hepco you can combine also the system for the side luggage.

Long story short, i think i will buy the Hepco rack, but i want to hear from you what kind of top case suits better, alluminium or plastic. I like some from Givi more than Hepco ones.

Bellow some models.

CASES - b37-blade-tech
CASES - e470-simply-iii-tech
CASES - b32-bold
CASES - trekker-outback-42
CASES - dlm30-trekker-dolomiti
CASES - v40-tech
Journey Topcase 40 silver - Journey Topcases - Plastic boxes - Sideboxes & Topcases - Luggage - Products ( this one is presented on the scr 1100 )

For my eyes the dolomiti is the winner for looking because is not so tall to creat a bulky back, but it is too small i think. Probably with a rack on top together with a rucsack can be enough.

What do you think?
Regards, Dragos.


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