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doesn't look like there's much provision for luggage, except for a tankbag and maybe (but only maybe!) a small tailpack. sidebags would be nice, even throwover soft bags, but there's not much to keep them in place. :-/
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the seat is larger than a monster seat, i think you could easily get some kreiga bags on it.
oh, thanks -- i hadn't seen that style before (i.e., the itty bitty ones that perch on the bodywork). yes, they'd probably work. i was picturing an older style -- like the ones that were always somewhat supported by the dual rear shocks.
My theory is that under the seat near or part of the grab handles is some strong bracket to attach an OEM luggage rack that will be even with the back of the seat and still allow 2 up riding. I know that Ducati is making a bunch of accessories for the Scrambler and a rack seems logical. Another option may be a replacement solo seat / rack combo like Triumph offers for its Scrambler (which I own). Only time will tell.
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cool -- i hadn't heard of that triumph solution before. so yes, there's hope. :) thanks.
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