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Hi,i'm also looking to replace the rear shock on my scrambler. I suppose like a lot of people it's a bit confusing as to know which shock to use.I contacted a UK based company www.windingroad.co.uk. I was so impressed with the quick response and the amount of detail, I thought I would post the reply here. Maybe someone else in my position might find the information valuable. I hope Martin at windingroad.co.uk doesn't mind me posting.
I wish all companies would have customer service like this all that's left for me to do is save my pennies and place my order!!!
Hi Steven,

Thanks for your email. The Shock Factory M-Shock Absorber is the same length as the original factory shock so will not raise the seat height of your bike. The best way to raise the seat height of your bike is to change the seat padding, this will raise the height of the seat but also gives you increased knee room by increasing the seat to foot rest height. Changing the shock length to raise the seat height also affects the steering geometry and weight distribution of the bike, so is only advisable if you also want to change the bikes riding / steering attributes.

All of the aftermarket shocks currently available will be an improvement over the standard Ducati shock as it is a really cheap and poor piece of equipment. However, they do all differ in how they perform. Ohlins are a great shock manufacturer with and enviable reputation for quality, but they are very expensive, and it’s fair to say that most riders do not get the best out of them, and buy them on name alone. In very general terms, you find that almost all of them are sprung very similarly, this is because the bike is a certain weight and so is the rider and a spring needs to support the weight of both and then not collapse too easily when you hit a bump.

Where the biggest differences come is in the quality of their construction, and the quality / set up of the damping. Some have fully adjustable three way damping, ie high speed compression, compression and rebound (where high speed damping is when the shock absorber is moved at high speed ie hitting a pot hole, rather than the bike travelling at speed). This is multi adjustability is desirable and maybe even necessary on high speed performance bikes which are operating over a wide range of conditions. But, their effectiveness does depend on the rider being able to set the bike for varying conditions, and frankly the majority of riders aren’t capable of getting the best out of a suspension set up like this without professional help. So, for a bike like the Scrambler, a shock such as this is overkill and very expensive for what is an affordable, fun, leisure orientated bike.

Other shocks such as the Shock Factory M-Shock that we sell, the Nitron, cheaper Ohlins models, and a few others have a single, combined compression and rebound adjuster, which adjust both at the same time in a pre-set ratio. This does work very well, and is ideal for most applications / bikes where the rider wants a quality shock absorber that they can adjust themselves simply and effectively, and then feel the difference it makes. There are also some cheaper shocks available that are simple replacements offering no damping adjustments at all.

My own experience with the Shock Factory items we sell, is that we get a very good, high quality shock for a very reasonable price as they have a great deal of experience, use quality UK sourced components, and are a small company with low overheads. In performance terms, we find a lot of aftermarket shocks set quite firmly as this tends to be what sport bike riders (the biggest customers for aftermarket shocks) want / need for their bikes. The Shock Factory items by comparison appear to have a much wider range of damping adjustment available allowing a road rider to adjust the damping down for greater comfort and a smoother ride, whilst firming it up when the pace picks up or the road surface is pretty poor and a greater degree o damping is needed. It really is a very good shock at a very reasonable price.



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Web: www.windingroads.co.uk
Tel: 01332 865006
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