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Mad Hornets Fly Windscreen

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So, I ordered a Mad Hornets Fly Windscreen.
Maaaay have been a huge mistake.

Fly Wind Screen Windshield Ducati MONSTER Hypermotard Streetfighter Scrambler Diavel 659 696 795 796 1100 1100S (See Yrs) Black

The build quality seems fine but I seen no GD way this can possibly fit the Scrambler given the off center gauge cluster.

Tried contacting support and they basically said "Take it to a professional shop.". . . now... I'm not a "professional" but I have been working on my own bikes for about 20 years now and a simple fly screen isn't exactly an engine rebuild.

Does anyone else have this screen and can tell me what I'm not seeing about this install?

Also... Don't think I would ever recommend getting anything from Mad Hornets after that.

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You'll pay return shipping plus "at least 30% restocking fee" so I'd probably stash it away on a shelf, too. If you ever decide to relocate the gauge, you'll have your screen.

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