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i think some of these view (expensive, unreliable) are based on old world Ducati, and are a little out of date.

I've been riding just over 20 years, have had Yam/Honda/Kwak etc etc... and am now on my third Ducati (747SPS, MTS 1200S and now Scrambler DS)...

OK so the 748 was a little hot headed at time, and needed some TLC (was par for the course with that model and year), however the modern 2014 MTS was incredible, and needed nothing other than riding, and tyres - it needed tyres. Took her all through the alps at altitude, mountain pass, off road across trails - etc etc... and it was incredible.

I am hoping and presuming the DS will prove just as reliable, though I will be doing less 500 mile days - more likely 80-100mile playtime in the dales/moors/peaks/lakes...
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