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Making the scrambler more ADV capable.

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Hi all,

I have a 2016 icon, and enjoy dirt riding quite a bit. Also, just outside of my house there's a bump that touches the oil filter when I pass it. I'm looking to raise the bike and if possible, make it more adventure riding capable.

What parts do you recommend adding?

Should I install desert sled's forks and rear arm besides it's suspensions?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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You can’t swap out the front forks without swapping the entire upper and lower triple tree. Scrambler icons have either 41mm or 43mm front forks (can’t remember), the Desert Sled has 46mm front forks.
The rear swing arm of the icon is mounted directly to the rear of the engine, where the desert sled they added an extension to the rear frame and the swing arm mounts to the frame.

Would it really be cost effective to fab up all these changes over just swapping for a desert sled?
I'm talking to a custom garage about enlarging current front suspension and adding something to the rear one, giving me about 5cm extra height. But I did enjoy the idea of improving suspension.

Desert sleds aren't entering my country right now. My icon could be sold for 12.5kusd fast, and there's only 2 used desert sleds for sale on the country at 15k and 19k.

I'll start talking to the guy who's selling one for 15k... If he's not selling, I'm getting some quotes on forks haha. Cheers.

Thank you adhd guy.
It would likely cost less to use Desert Sled triple clamps instead of machining your Icon triple clamps. If you are buying used forks, the seller should have the triple clamps available.
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