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Maxton owners : did you play with the damping setup ?

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Question to other Maxton owners : did you play with the damping setup or did you keep the factory-delivered setup ?

As I have mounted my Maxton cartridge and drilled the top cap to reach easily the damping setup, I've played a little bit with it.

My cartridge was delivered with a "Max - 1 rev" setup, I changed it to "Max - 3 revs" and it makes a great difference. The fork becomes really soft and even a little bit bouncy. The setup seems to be really reactive...

Let's try "Max - 2 revs"... :)
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Hi Vince
I not touched the front fork maxton "max -1" set up as it was such an improved riding experience than the stock. I have had the maxton set up for some 7 months without any issues so forgot about this facility. However, I might have a tinker and wind damping adjuster back/forward to see if there is any more appropriate setting for riding styles.

I do adjust the rear shock and have found it is easy to significantly alter response in a controlled manner so not surprised you have found similar with the front damping.
I meant to say ... what is your test road like?
just set rebound damping to max-1.5 turns and noticed difference straight away what half a turn makes. As expected, smoother at low speeds on rough ground and a bit lively around bends at speed but all ok. Am fine with either setting so will try -1.25 just for the hell of it.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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