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Maxton owners : did you play with the damping setup ?

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Question to other Maxton owners : did you play with the damping setup or did you keep the factory-delivered setup ?

As I have mounted my Maxton cartridge and drilled the top cap to reach easily the damping setup, I've played a little bit with it.

My cartridge was delivered with a "Max - 1 rev" setup, I changed it to "Max - 3 revs" and it makes a great difference. The fork becomes really soft and even a little bit bouncy. The setup seems to be really reactive...

Let's try "Max - 2 revs"... :)
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Mine came set at -1 turn which was great on most A/B roads but not as good on the Cumbrian fell roads I often frequent. I have since set it at -1.5 turns which is a great improvement when I'm chasing sheep over the tops. However the front is now a bit softer on fast A roads, but doesn't really bother me too much as I quite like a compliant front. If I did a track day or something similar I would probably put it back to -1 for a while then revert to -1.5.
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